Citizenship is a Feature in the game that allows users to get some extra benefits while helping the CasinoRPG community!

It is 100% optional and will never be required to get ahead of players who decide not to acquire it.

Cost To Buy :

1 Month - 150 Gold

3 Months - 400 Gold ( a 50 Gold saving from buying monthly)

6 Months - 750 Gold (a 50 gold saving from buying 3 months twice or a 150 gold saving from buying monthly, so technically a free month!)

Benifits of Citizenship : 

  1. Private Driver to your Casinos
  2. 100 auto spins in slots
  3. +10% max bet on all casino games
  4. 2x mini-map favorites
  5. No fee on Casino point (CP) sales
  6. Citizenship Chat Icon
  7. Ability to build a 6th Casino Floor (Requires 5* Casino)
  8. Start Private poker tables 
  9. Citizenship Medal 
  10. + 100% extra Daily spin multiplier

Extra Features coming soon : 

  • Exclusive Clothes 
  • Exclusive Items
  • Pre-Release Test Server Access

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